Ruckus Wireless Big Dogs Paris 2017

Ruckus Wireless Big Dogs Paris 2017

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Over the last three days IMS attended the Ruckus Wireless Big Dogs Conference in Paris, France. This conference is an annual two-and-a-half-day event which is held in select locations across the globe for Ruckus’ top partners.

At this invitation-only event Ruckus enables attendees to engage in mutual learning and networking. The main purpose of this event is to strengthen the relationships between peers and accelerate business growth for all. Distributors, alliance partners, re-sellers and service providers were all in attendance providing an abundance of opportunity for discussion and networking.

Topics up for discussion included the development of Smart Cities and how this can benefit everything from pollution to town planning and census statistics, as well as the future of Ruckus and some of its goals for the coming years.

This conference not only provides Ruckus with the unique opportunity to learn from their vendors and suppliers what is and isn’t working for them, whilst attendees gain knowledge on Ruckus solutions, strategic direction and partner activities. Along with this, attendees can expand their peer network within the industry and therefore potentially increase their profitability.

We here at IMS thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The presentations were full of interesting and exciting content which gave great insight into the future of Ruckus and its products, we have left Paris with a very positive outlook on the future of Wi-Fi and Ruckus Wireless.

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