GDPR: The Future of Data Protection

GDPR: The Future of Data Protection

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The GDPR commencement date of May 25th is fast approaching so here at IMS we have been working behind the scenes on meeting the obligations as set out in the new regulation.

The new regulation gives more legislative weight to the rights and freedoms of the individual to exercise more control over their personal data. In response to this new regulatory environment, IMS have undertaken a redevelopment of our Wi-Fi Hotspot & Marketing Portal application.
We have created a brand new Profile Portal that ultimately places control of personal data firmly back with the individual.

Profile Portal
The GDPR states that Individuals have the ‘right of access’ to any data stored belonging to them. Data Access Requests is the method by which an individual can request all of the personal data relating to them that is held by an individual or organisation. The Profile Portal automates this by providing individuals with ongoing access to their personal data. The portal aggregates all data collected at all IMS venues. Data can be viewed, amended, and deleted; meeting both the ‘right of access’ and ‘right to be forgotten’ obligations.

Explicit Consent

For those of you worried about consent, we provide an unambiguous ‘opt-in’ check box at the point of registration, which gives the Wi-Fi user a clear option to agree or disagree with the processing of their data.

Privacy Policy

We have revised our privacy policy. Our aim here was to provide a policy that is readable and understandable. It explains in simple language the data collected belonging to an individual and why it is collected.


Children merit specific protection with regard to their personal data. We have included a new Age bracket drop down menu at the point of registration. Any data from individuals under 13 will not be processed by default.

Data Storage

As a data processor, we have an obligation to protect the individuals data. As always, our Data is stored ‘on premise’ in a private cloud. The infrastructure is owned and managed by IMS and located in an industry leading, secure data centre in Dublin. We use the latest in technologies and standards to ensure that data is secure and always available.

Operational Measures
Here in IMS we have adopted policies that ensure data is considered within all of our existing business processes. It has required a slight culture change and a buy-in from all employees and management but the end result is that the privacy rights of individuals are safeguarded.

We will be launching the new application in the coming weeks so please stay tuned for updates via our website and social media platforms.

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