TV Systems

TV Systems


IMS offer a complete Digital TV Service suitable for the Hospitality, Student Accommodation & Residential Industry.

TV Distribution System

IMS provide a TV Distribution System which specializes in multi-user environments. IMS can provide Soarview, Free to Air Satellite Channels and Sky TV all from the one device.

IMS can also provide hospitality standard televisions and monitors particular to a clients request.

Casting Solution

IMS provide a TV Casting Solution which is an interactive and desirable feature to add to our TV Distribution Systems. IMS’ Casting Solution provides each TV with it’s own Chromecast device, all of which can then be controlled with an onsite central controller.

This feature provides guests with the ability to cast their favorite TV Shows, Movies and Music from a mobile device or computer.

SmarterSign Digital Signage

IMS SmarterSign Digital Signage is a compact device which converts any monitor into a dynamic digital sign.

This content can be edited and created in-house through the online portal provided.

Clients can display:

  • Advertisements
  • Notifications
  • Brand Signage

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