Wholesale Services


IMS own and operate a high capacity Fibre based network in Ireland with direct Fibre links to Paris and Frankfurt. IMS is present in Dublin, Cork, Paris, and Frankfurt data centres with high capacity interconnects to IP transit providers.

IMS 10Gb Fibre Network

Wholesale Fibre Broadband

IMS offer Wholesale Fibre connectivity ranging from 100Mb to 10GB in Ireland, the UK and Europe. We have many commercial arrangements with Fibre carriers in each territory empowering us with a large network reach.

Wholesale IP Transit

IMS purchase large volumes of IP transit in multiple data centres to provide a resilient high capacity network for our customers. As a result, we can offer high quality blended IP transit services at a wholesale level to other ISP’s and business partners.

Wholesale Data Centre

IMS are present in multiple data centres and can wholesale cabin space and power to customers who wish to be in the data centre but do not have large space requirements. Our existing customers requirements range from 3U to 12U of data centre rack space.


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