Wi-Fi Now Conference April 2017

Wi-Fi Now Conference April 2017

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Wi-Fi Now Conference April 2017

Last week the Wi-Fi Now organisation held one of their widely-acclaimed conferences in Washington D.C. For those of you who are unaware of Wi-Fi Now and what they represent, it is an organisation that seeks to support and promote all things relative to Wi-Fi, in the hope to promote its quality, performance and availability worldwide. Within this field they work with individuals, carriers, service providers, tech vendors and regulators, all of whom are at the forefront of progressing this industry forward. The conference seeks to showcase those most promising within the Industry and bring to light inspiring cases that are igniting progression. It is entirely unique in being the only 100% Wi-Fi event held in the world. Last week over 350 people attended the conference to meet vendors, as well as hear high profile speakers give their take on the industry as it stands today, its limitations and its future.

One strong theme that arose from the three-day event was the primary need for even better, faster and more expansive Wi-Fi. It is clearly evident that our dependence on Wi-Fi is growing at an extremely rapid rate. Along with this, the number of devices that one person is connecting at any one time is also on the rise; with 87% of people regularly using multiple devices at the same time. Due to this, providers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to have a broader spectrum of technology to support the development of new and ambitious networks. Looking to the future, key speakers highlighted the desire to progress Wi-Fi beyond the home and public place, branching out to more widespread operations; such as cities or even continents. Brian Jacks, VP at BAI Communications, detailed during his talk the measures his company were using to bring an expansive Wi-Fi system to New York’s famous subway system. Importantly, the company were not only seeking to provide a high level of quality in relation to the Wi-Fi connection, but were using this project to discover the best way to monetize such a costly endeavor.

Dan Rabinovitsj COO of Ruckus Wireless Inc. speaking at Wi-Fi Now 2017.

Also speaking at the event was the COO of Ruckus Wireless Inc., Dan Rabinovitsj. His seminar focused on the similarities and differences of Wi-Fi and LTE, and how each of these borrow technology approaches from one another. Overall, however, Rabinovitsj did highlight the superiority of Wi-Fi, mainly due to the amazing scale it can achieve for its price point, along with its dominance on the market space of devices; such as tablets which can only operate on Wi-Fi due to its reliance on radio signal. Touching on its limitations, mainly in relation to security, Rabinovitsj did emphasise that Wi-Fi technology is still driving to improve itself. However, he pointed out that every couple of years those within the Industry are forced to reshape their expectations regardless, as Wi-Fi performance continues to thrive and improve at an unprecedented rate.

Overall, the conference raised some interesting conversations about the future of Wi-Fi and what large companies are trying to develop with it, whilst also showcasing some new up and coming vendors as they enter this diverse and exciting market. Information on the conference and its speakers are available on the Wi-Fi Now Website.

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